Eric Carlson


Director of Virginia Screenwriters Forum

Eric Carlson is a Virginia based screenwriter with a strong passion for creating captivating stories. He currently has two projects in development, and his screenplays have been recognized in many prestigious competitions including Nicholls, the Virginia Film Festival, the Richmond International Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival, Creative World Awards, the Nashville Film Festival, and the International Family Film Festival. He serves as the current Director of the Virginia Screenwriters Forum, a Richmond-based group of screenwriters who meet monthly to share their love and knowledge of screenwriting.


Logline Samples

These loglines are the individual property of our member and are from registered or copyrighted scripts. If you are interested, please contact the writer for more detailed information.

Under Pressure
Historical Action/Suspense
When, during a risky test dive, the Navy’s newest submarine floods and sinks with no chance of outside rescue, a young, untested skipper must convince his skeptical crew to follow his bold but dangerous plan that could save their lives…or hasten their demise. Based on a true story.

My Totally Bad Day in Hell
After a down on his luck used car salesman ends up in hell, his “Valley Girl” guardian angel manages to set him free on a technicality. He returns to Earth where he has 24 hours to redeem himself and win back his family. If he fails, he will return to hell forever.

The Audition
* Best Comedy Screenplay at the 2016 Richmond International Film Festival

The Audition is a coming of age story about a high school musical prodigy who receives a request to audition at the prestigious Curtis of Music in Philadelphia. But before he leaves home, his mother persuades him to take a detour to pick up his recently paroled bank-robbing father (a man he thought was dead) and deliver him to his assigned halfway house, with the hope the father will reveal the whereabouts of the missing bank robbery cash.

Reach for the Sky
* Top Award at the 2016 Virginia Screenwriting Competition
* Winner of the 2016 True Story Screenplay Competition

* Official Selection in the International Family Film Festival
* Top tier Finalist in the Festival for Family: Family Films and Writing Competition

In the fall of 1964, a young industrial arts teacher, teaching in a small rural high school in the impoverished Ozark foothills of Missouri, offers his students an opportunity to do what his fellow teachers and school administrators thought impossible – build an airplane. Based on a true story.