About the Virginia Screenwriters Forum


Given to an organization that inspires a love of writing and writing education in Virginia
and for their long history of helping those putting pen to paper.

For more than 25 years, the Virginia Screenwriters Forum has helped to bring writers together to share their love and knowledge of screenwriting by offering support and constructive feedback to members’ scripts in progress.

helenes-HeadShot2The VSF was founded by Helene Wagner, an accomplished screenwriter and film instructor at the University of Richmond. She led the VSF as its Director for 18 years and now serves as Director Emeritus.

On June 1st, 2014, Eric Carlson became the new Director of the Virginia Screenwriters Forum. Eric has been with the VSF since 2006 and brings his excellent knowledge of writing for film. He is an award winning screenwriter, having won multiple awards for a number of his scripts.

Our membership count averages between fifteen and twenty active screenwriters at any given time. We meet once a month, eleven times a year on the 3rd Saturday of every month. There is no December meeting. Meetings are held in the Third Floor North Education Center at the Dominion Arts Center (formerly Richmond Centerstage), 600 East Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia.

During our meetings we critique 30 pages of two members’ scripts, or teleplay pages. In addition, each writer may do a table read of their 30 pages, presented by the VSF Actor’s Ensemble, consisting of some of Richmond’s finest actors.

Aspiring writers or seasoned writers are always welcome to join us for up to three meetings before qualifying as a member. To become a full member, the writer must submit 30 pages of a feature film script to the VSF Reading Committee for consideration. We are not looking for Oscar caliber pages (although we’d be delighted to receive them!). Our purpose is to see if the writer has a basic understanding of the screenplay format and structure.
Please note: the Reading Committee does not critique, or edit submission pages.

Dues for VSF Screenwriting membership are $50 a year, due each September. Once accepted by the Reading Committee as a member dues are pro-rated based upon the month joined. Members are expected to attend at least seven meetings a year and must contribute 30 pages once a year to the VSF critique schedule to maintain membership in good standing.

List of awards won by our members