Caroline Hoover


Caroline Hoover graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Film and Television.  She worked as first an assistant and then a Story Editor for HBO Films, and as a PA on numerous low- and no-budget films in Los Angeles and New York City.  Since moving to Richmond, she’s worked as a writer/producer for four 48-HR Film Fest competitions and also volunteers with Richmond Young Writers, a non-profit dedicated to making writing an accessible outlet for kids of all backgrounds.

She writes screenplays in a variety of genres with female protagonists trying to find their voice, their strength, and their way in the world.

Logline Samples

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Night Tour
Night Tour is the story of Misty, a tour guide at a historic prison in a tiny Western town.  When a serial killer re-creates past murders from the prison’s history with present-day victims, it attracts the attention of an FBI agent who becomes a positive role model for Misty.
Night Tour is about the prisons we build for ourselves out of other people’s expectations, and how the keys to escape have been within us all along.

All-In-One-Night High School Story
Sacred is about Riley, a nerdy clarinet player with a crush on Pat, the golden boy senior trombone player in the marching band.  When he invites her to accompany him to a party after the homecoming football game, Riley can’t believe her luck, but she’ll soon realize that Pat has ideas in his head other than high school romance.
Sacred is about how the mistakes we make help us figure out who we really are versus who we want to be, and how to reconcile the two.

The Trip
Jane is a control freak.  Jane’s husband has cancer.  Traditional treatments aren’t working, and Jane’s husband wants to join a study that examines the effects of psilocybin mushrooms on end-of-life depression.  This should turn out well.

The Long Black Veil
Period Romance
The Long Black Veil is the story of Fiona, a young Irish woman in 1865 whose father marries her off to an older man.  She finds romance and affection with his younger brother Michael, but when Michael is killed by the British police and Fiona mourns him in disguise, she finds herself falling in love with the most unlikely person: her husband.
The Long Black Veil is about recognizing that love comes with a price, and that being true to yourself may be the most loving thing you can do for someone else.

Works in Progress

Future Dystopia Science-Fiction Film
Xenana is the story of Lillian, a worker drone in a matriarchal society who wants one thing: job security, so she and her wife can start a family.  Little does she know her new assignment will lead her into a conspiracy to overthrow the totalitarian government, which has been hiding a terrible secret.  (work in progress)