Bill Brock

Bill Brock, a Virginia-based screenwriter, has been described by a well-respected Forum member as “the master of the mundane” — a writer with the ability to create ordinary characters and scenarios, then makes them extraordinary. Such high praise still humbles Bill to this day.

His screenwriting skills, accompanied by his experience as a professional actor and independent film director / producer, have elevated his work to Quarter-finalist, Semifinalist, Finalist, and Official Selection status in highly honored competitions including the Richmond International Film Festival, the Virginia Screenwriting Competition, the Halloween International Film Festival, and the Eastern North Carolina Film Festival. 

Logline Samples

These loglines are the individual property of our member and are from registered or copyrighted scripts. If you are interested, please contact the writer for more detailed information.

I’ll Have Another….
*Official Selection at the 2016 Halloween International Film Festival (Film)
*Official Selection at the 2017 Richmond International Film Festival (Best Short Screenplay)

Drama Short
With the help of an online dating website, a marriage counselor and  banking executive meet for a first date at a bar & grill. Triumphs, secrets, and deceptions will be shared, but to where will all this information lead?

The Dress

Horror Feature
It’s Hollywood, 1985, and a young successful film director suffering from drug addiction struggles to become clean and sober in order to save a woman’s soul lost 62 years earlier.

Storyboard Photo Caption: Hollywood, 1985. Steve Harp, draped in a towel, saunters from the master bath and is shocked to discover that the letter Y has been written repeatedly in lipstick down the length of his bedroom mirror. Its reflection bathes his body in the repetition of red letters. Unbeknownst to Steve, this haunting oddity happens to be a calling card from a spectral presence that has occupied his recently purchased mansion since 1923.

Life of Bradley
Drama Feature
Newlyweds consult a mysterious fortune teller in June of 1952. The groom is happy with his three predictions, but the bride is not. Can this couple escape destiny’s grip?

Party of 50
Comedy / Drama Short
A professional actor fears his impending 50th birthday and relies on his acting ability to mask his own insecurities of mortality. Unbeknownst to him, invited guests must make certain sacrifices to attend his surprise birthday party.