Steve Sinnenberg


Membership Chair

CEO, Writer, Environmental Scientist, Risk Manager, Real Estate Developer, Bon vivant

Steve Sinnenberg’s first act began on the mean streets of East Orange, NJ, born the third and final child to a family that couldn’t afford bootstraps.

Bob, Sr., Steve’s father, rolled the dice and started a mortgage banking business in Washington, DC. Timing was everything for “zirconium” Bob, and the family landed in Silver Spring, MD with politically displaced Cuban refugees; a chaotic time, the beginning of the cold war becoming lukewarm.

Through the turbulent sixties and the laid-back seventies, Steve learned to duck under a desk if the Ruskies dropped the big one, became cynical as to government competencies, and matured in the affluent Washington suburb of McLean.

Steve attended the University of Virginia and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. It was 1977, and Act I came to a close with Bob saying, ”I hope while you were laughing, mocking the system and partying, you also planned for the future”. RING THE BELL, school of hard knocks opens for business.

After ten months of languishing in the insurance company system, Steve opened his own insurance agency. The ignorance of youth overcome by the power of other people’s money in a soft economy. Steve survived like his buddies hanging onto homemade life rafts, safely landing in Richmond, Virginia.

The beginning of the eighties, the greatest time to be in business in US history, proved profitable. Steve sold his agency after ten years. Retired.

Until Bob invited him into the family real estate development business. Just before the crash, the Savings and Loan bubble burst like a mean spirited current sweeping the raft further out to sea. No more equity, no more dividends, no more rent checks; just moving from the top shelf to the rail.

Property had to be sold. The government stepped in right on time and passed strict environmental laws adding tens of thousands of dollars in expense to the purchase of real estate.

Steve pivoted to the environmental business, earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins along the way.

Then Bob died of cancer, Steve had a twenty-pound tumor removed, Bob Junior died of a heart attack, and two years later, Scout, Steve’s loyal dog, was hit by a car on Steve’s 50th birthday. Four years of who-needs-this and Depression.

Steve settled into the environmental business with a side of development and site contracting. The world got brighter and happier with a new perspective and a new economic bubble. Bubbles burst.

Plunged into deep economic depression quickly, Steve reacted with a surprisingly cheery disposition. Been here, done this. Simply find a new passion, another world to conquer. Taking a page from Alexander the great, Steve decided to conquer himself.

Act III begins with a passion to tell stories and entertain, to download valuable knowledge gained from environmental clean-ups, to embrace the stories of my fellow humans, and to collaborate with like and unlike minded people.

Steve has ghost blogged over 500 pieces, ghosted three business books, published numerous environmental articles and white papers, and had a script optioned twice.




Logline Samples

These loglines are the individual property of our member and are from registered or copyrighted scripts. If you are interested, please contact the writer for more detailed information.

Dramatic comedy
An emotionally scarred, wheel-chair bound bar owner with a heart of gold and love of baseball herds his patrons through life when the gang wins a lottery big enough to buy the local Single A club proving it takes more than money to find happiness.

Dramatic comedy
Driftwood, a self-educated iron worker, enters a history trivia/drinking contest at a local tavern to prove his academic prowess only to be shunned by a colleague of his deceased history professor mother who reveals Driftwood’s personal history.

The Vig
Drama – suspense
The Ringmaster, a woman who takes over her dead husband’s bookie business, must become ruthless to collect debts in order to repay her crime bosses and earn enough money to pay for her daughter’s medical issues, pursues the desperate-to-raise-funds researcher on the verge of curing her daughter’s disease.

The Path
Drama – courtroom
A temporary medical examiner uncovers an organized crime ring murdering elderly residents in nursing homes for their remaining assets, but must fight the positive public image of the nursing home’s owners.

A Coupla Fat Guys
Can two regular guys give advice from the gut and improve a town? Not these two schlubs.

Echo of the Whistle
Romantic comedy
A former athletic stud cannot let go of the past to pursue his new passion, art, because his long-time girlfriend revels in his history of glory.

Decimal Code
Romantic comedy
Shy man sets in motion a spy game to win the heart of a mousy librarian by giving her a mystery to solve.

A popular, flamboyant investment broker embezzles client money to support his extravagant lifestyle, then goes on the run to avoid prosecution while scheming to finance his way out of trouble during a commercial mortgage bubble.

Crossings Coffee
Drama – short
A mourning man visits with his deceased brother to ask what death is like only to get a math riddle as an answer.