Our Members

Over the past 25 years, various VSF members have accomplished the following:

Earned over one million dollars in spec script sales, Screened films at Sundance, Worked as a writer at Second City Chicago Writing School, Worked as a writing assistant to a Saturday Night Live producer, Wrote a national PBS documentary about Maggie Walker, Earned numerous awards and prize money for winning screenplays in the Virginia Screenwriting Competition and in other national and international screenplay competitions. Two members now teach film writing at the University of Richmond and the University of Virginia. Former member Megan Holley, went on to write the feature film, Sunshine Cleaning.

List of awards won by our members


Current Members:


Helene Wagner, Founder & Director Emeritus

Robin Farmer

Eric Carlson, Director

Steve Sinnenberg, Membership Chair

Brian Lee Weakland, Scheduling Chair

Kathleen Wentworth

Suzy Smithson

Laurie Brand

Bill Brock

Vince Robertson, Executive Administrator

Chris Gregory

Renata Manzo Scruggs

Caroline Hoover

Alice Hartzog

Alex Reid

Tony and Karen Muldoon

Rachel Weatherly

Cathy Moe

Heather Morgan

Terry Menefee Gau

John Smithdeal and Scott Mason

Trey Noe

Michael McLeod

Sarah Sumpolec

Erica Parker